Traffic resources and why you //SHOULD// work with one of that kind of cash flow websites.


  I might have seen Traffic Monsoon ads a couple of hundred times before i took a step to join the family. For two years i had struggled to make money online and even lost some at some point. it took me sometime to process whether this site(TrafficMonsoon) that everyone was so much talking and sharing earning screenshots of could be a thing that would finally get me out there to shine like everyone else

  I wanted to make money. I knew what was required to make money with Monsoon Traffic.
I took action, probably the hardest and most difficult one. I plunged in with almost 40 ad packs (That is $2000, money that i had to borrow to get started and probably the most i have ever spent anywhere on the internet). I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and make things happen. That was a risk i had to take because I understood to make money i had to spend money.

Three months down the road, here is the most interesting part. Am i still in debt? No I’m not. Why not? Because i have already paid back the $2000 from Traffic Monsoon’s earnings.

Let me tell you a short story. I woke up this morning, found two commission notifications emails, those that i now receive daily whenever my referrals purchase ad packs. I’m kind of used to this now. There was also one that i had referred a new member to Trafficmonsoon. Went on to log on to my account, found $120 earned in less than 24 hours, some of it while i was asleep. Purchased two more packs and went on with my daily businesses.

Earning more than $100 daily is something that i never imagined possible a couple of months ago. I’m quite aware there are people earning more than this out there but at the same time there are a lot more who are not making anything even with a concept as simple as Traffic Monsoon.
Why Am Saying All this.

I have come to learn that there are some people who joined TrafficMonsoon and expected the magic to just happen. I see it all the time in Facebook TM groups when people post screenshots of thousands of dollars earned. There are people who would ask why they are not making the same kinda money. The common reply is always buy ad packs.

Now i can’t figure out whether these people are too broke , afraid or they just can’t understand the revenue sharing concept. I intend to purely explain to people how they can really make money online with Traffic monsoon. Not single digit income but four, five, six and even seven figure income like everyone else.
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